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The Story of the two Cats

There is a unique story, a part the Janat Dores family tradition & heritage.
Mr Janat Dores owned two cats by the names of Sam and Beau. As he was travelling around the world, his family was pretty aware of his homecoming, as the two cats always sensed his presence and waited for their master in front of the house, precisely on the day of his arrival.
Mr Dores loved his cats for being faithful, but also independent.
You did not choose the cat; the cat chose you.
You do not own the cat; it is the cat who wants to stay by your side.
The beloved cats were Mr Dores’ inspiration. Since then, Sam and Beau became the symbol of Janat brand. They represent Janat’s entrepreneurship and ambition.
I strongly hope and believe, that the Janat cats will be an inspiration for you as well, empower you to find you passion and make your dreams come true.