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Janat Paris tea

Noble origin, natural flavoring


Janat Paris

The tea of Inspiration


Excellent Ceylon tea

Enriched with the fruits of Provance


Janat Dores

Janat comes from the name of the famous French traveller, explorer and entrepreneur from the late XIXth century. Mr Janat Dores travelled around the world to bring the extraordinary spices, teas and cocoa to France.
In 1872 the sophisticated tea brand was created. The main asset of the teas was the unique flavouring, with exotic aromas and spices. ”Janat Paris” teas were awarded at the Paris World Expo in 1889.


The passion to explore the world and making dreams come true, as well the entrepreneurship of Janat Dores, are inspiring until nowadays.
As Mr Dores used to say:
Fortunate are those who have dreams and do the impossible to make them reality.”

A truly Parisian tea

Janat Paris tea was created in the spirit of ambition and entrepreneurship of Paris and the Parisians of the XIXth century, symbolized by the Eiffel Tower.
The flagship tea-saloons of Janat are located in the hearts of Paris and Tokyo.
Our tea is also occasionally served in the restaurant in the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower.